Transition Your Table Through the Seasons

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There is no need to buy completely different decor for each season. Plenty of colors and staple pieces can be swapped in and out for a statement-making dinner table perfect for any fall and winter gathering.



Start with a neutral colored base, like a cream-colored table runner or white candles. This allows you to include bolder pieces later on.
Confident shades like reds and metallics are well-suited for autumn, as well as the holidays. Using these colors in napkins, garland, or other table toppers can help you from having to completely revamp the minimal aspects of your table.



Garland and Greens

Use garland and seasonal greenery to reflect the outside environment. Colorful leaves and branches are a great option for fall, with rustic pine and bright cranberries for winter.
Mix in subtle hints of the season into your garland, like pinecones, gourds, ribbon, or gold balls, for instance.



Napkins and Plates

Subtle touches of red or gold work well for napkins and plates to tie the table together.
Keep in mind the overall feel of the rest of the table, and incorporate plates that are rustic in appearance or more delicate, depending on the look you are trying to achieve.