Selling Your Home? Declutter First!

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If you are trying to sell your home, there’s no doubt one of the things you’ve heard most frequently is the importance of decluttering. Not only will decluttering help you sell your home faster, there is a good chance you’ll be able to sell for a higher price, as well! To get started, use these easy to follow decluttering tips and tricks.

The bedroom 
Make your bedroom more appealing by neutralizing the wall color, using bedding that matches, and removing any personal items. Using gender neutral colors allows you to immediately cast a wider net for your buyers, speeding up the sale.

The kitchen 
If your kitchen cabinets are out of date, consider staining or painting them and adding some modern hardware instead of making any major replacements. Remove any appliances or knick-knacks cluttering the countertop—your kitchen will immediately look more spacious.

The living room 
Remove or put away any clutter in your living room or common spaces. Once this
is done, use natural light to your benefit by opening window shades and blinds to make your room appear more airy and spacious.

The bathrooms 
In bathrooms, consider packing up any products or medications that aren’t regularly used, and find a new home for jewelry or extra toiletry items. Remove any stains from tile and grout, and make sure all plumbing is in good working order.The closet 
Potential home buyers will be checking out your closets, so make sure they are not too full, or you run the risk of buyers thinking they won’t have enough storage space.

The garage 
Clear out any clutter and make sure everything is put away in its place. Try hanging larger items on walls to open up the floor space. Remove any bins or items to be donated, making your space appear larger.