How to Throw a Summer Olympics Party

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The Summer Olympic Games is one of the greatest spectacles in sports. The eyes of the world turn to the hundreds of athletes competing for gold in events like track, field, swimming, soccer, and gymnastics.

With the event happening every four years, this is a special opportunity to invite your friends and family over for a gold-medal winning watch party. By following these tips, you can share in the excitement with your guests as you watch the world’s greatest athletes compete for glory.

Before the Party

The most popular spot in your home will be in front of the television, so make sure you have plenty of space for all your guests to gather around to see the competitions.  You may need to rearrange furniture or add additional seating in this space. If you can, you may want to bring the television out or set up a projector on your patio or deck for more space. Additionally, have a schedule of the events for that day; you may even want to plan your party around the finals of a particular event.

Dress the Part

This is a great way to start the party right. You can request that your guests dress up in their red, white, and blue clothing to cheer on America’s best athletes. Another option is to ask your guests to dress in the colors of the flag of their preferred country competing in the games. Either way, everyone’s clothing choice will show their pride in watching their favorite athletes chase a gold medal.


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Decorate with Pride

One of the best ways to decorate for an Olympic watch party is by showing your pride for the United States. Stock up on red, white, and blue tablecloths, napkins, and balloons to help capture the patriotic feel. If you’re looking for some unique USA-themed decorating ideas, here are a few DIY options:

           - Perfectly Patriotic Door Banner
           - How to Make a Patriotic Centerpiece
           - Pre-Dawn’s Early Lights
           - Race Through Summer with a Ribbon Runner


The Olympics are synonymous with the torch, so consider stocking up on inexpensive tiki torches. You can even start your party with your very own torch-lighting ceremony.


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Good as Gold Food Options

No sports watch party is complete without snacks. You can go with some of the sports party classics like burgers, hot dogs, pizza, chips, and soda. For the adults, consider stocking up on some beer from across the world to give your cooler an international flair. A good dessert option is to get colorful iced donuts to act as your very own Olympic rings.  If you want to extend your patriotism to your food, try some of the delicious USA-themed treats:

          - Striped Buffalo Chicken Dip
          - Star Chips
          - Lady Liberty Peach Tea
          - Red, White, and Bourbon Poke Cake

If you want to try something a little different, why not prepare some cuisine from the host country? Tokyo is hosting the 2021 Summer Olympics, so these Japanese-inspired dishes could be a real treat for your guests:

         - Japanese Fried Chicken
         - Japanese Potato Salad
         - Anko Spring Rolls
         - Host your own competitions


Watching the talented athletes compete may get your party guests fired up, so set up a few backyard activities for them to compete in between the Olympic events. Obviously, you’re not going to make your friends and family compete in a triathlon, but backyard favorites like cornhole, horseshoes, and the three-legged race are all good choices.  You can make these games mean a little more by offering a small prize to the winner of each event or throwing your own medal ceremony.


By following these tips, you’ll have a party that your friends and family will talk about until the next Olympic Games.