How to Stage Your Home While You’re Living In It

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If you’re eager to put your home on the market, but you’re finding it difficult to stage amidst the uniqueness of your space, these tips are sure to make this process a breeze.

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Keep the color

Neutral is a popular choice for professional stagers, but it isn’t the only way to prepare your space when looking to sell your home. If you have a color theme going on, keep it around. No need to neutralize your space entirely, and these days, people are being pulled in the color direction anyway. Throw pillows, kitchen appliances, flowers, and wall decor are all fair game. 

The biggest step to any staging project is decluttering, especially if you’re still living there. This includes cleaning your space—the countertops should be free of stains, the coffee table organized, and the bathrooms wiped down. Even if your aim is to make your home appear more personalized, messy is never a good idea.

Kathy Brill Burk Homes Blog

Your entryway matters

Whether the entryway to your home is a grand hallway or a simple one, put extra care into making this space stand out. It’s the first thing people notice about your interior, and things like dirty shoes, unkempt carpets, or even a dirty door will instantly turn buyers off from the potential your home offers.

Consider a storage unit

While you want to keep some aspects of your lived-in home, some pieces of furniture could present a hindrance. Your garage will also want to be seen by potential buyers, and a storage unit could help free up space in this often cluttered area.

Kathy Brill Burk Homes Blog

Mirrors and art are here to stay

What makes your home look bigger, adding a flair of modernity? Mirrors—which provides a perfect accent, making the room appear larger than it really is. Art is also a great personality accent to keep around. It makes the interior of your home appear more refined, while providing the space with a pop of color and a piece of your personality.