3 Tidy Tricks to Declutter Your Dresser Top

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Creating a clutter-free environment is the first step in alleviating stress within the home. An easy place to begin this process is your dresser! It is easy to throw things on top and allow a mess to grow over time. However, this unintentional storage place soon begins to turn your bedroom from a place of relaxation into yet another room that needs cleaning. Creating a functional organization structure on your dresser will allow you to still have a place to throw your various odds and ends, providing you with easy access and an inviting setup!

3 Tidy Tricks

Get organized with this three-step process to an organized, decorative dresser! Creating a functional space is now cost-efficient and fun. Learn how to cleverly store small items, such as bobby pins and hair ties, while keeping them in an easily accessed location. Larger items fit in with this design as well! Wallets, keys, and other pocket items now have decorative storage locations right on your dresser! Function-forward with this simple process, and create an inviting, relaxed space.

  • Get a hold on hair ties and bobby pins. Use a glass jar to gather hair ties, and attach a magnet to the inside of the lid to contain bobby pins in a single place. Top it off with a decorative ceramic, and you have a pretty solution to a pesky problem.
  • When jewelry becomes overwhelming, use a decorative dish to tame it all. Purchase a small ceramic dish or plate at a craft store, and dress it up with a coat of paint. Your everyday jewelry will look delicate and pretty rather than a mound of metal.
  • Use cloth baskets to hide everyday items, such as keys and wallets. The texture will soften the look of the dresser top while helping to declutter your dresser and destress your mind.